A project to construct a new water pipeline from Lower Ruvu water treatment plant to Ardhi University water reservoirs in Dar es Salaam is about to be completed. The pipeline construction with a diameter of 1.8meter and that covers a distance of 56 km aims at increasing efficiency of water distribution in areas in the Coast Region and Dar es Salaam City served by lower Ruvu plant.
Talking to journalists during the visit of the Deputy Minister for Water’s in the DAWASA service area recently the Authority’s Acting Director for Technical Services Eng.Romanus Mwang’ingo said the project was complete by 73 per cent and is expected to be handed over next month.

The project is going on well and is heading to the end he said. The project is being implemented by a Chinese contractor SINOHYDRO corporation and funded by the government of Tanzania to the tune of Tshs 120.2 billion According to Eng.Romanus Mwang’ingo the completion of the project will be a great relief especially because the expansion of the Lower Ruvu water treatment plant has been already completed since February this year but additional water cannot be transported pending to completion of the new pipeline.
The expansion of the Lower Ruvu plant was funded by the United States of America (USA) through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to the tune of Tshs 60.35 billion.The plant’s production capacity was increased from 180 liters to 270 liters per day he said adding that a new pipeline to Ardhi University will provide a crucial infrastructure in delivering more water to the City from the plant once completed.

Lower Ruvu plant expansion project was implemented by Consortium composed of a French contractor Degremont in collaboration and Spencon Services Limited of Kenya. Commenting on areas such as Makongo Changanyikeni Goba and others which do not get water he said the situation is caused by insufficient supply of water from the treatment plant and a landscape of the areas which is hilly in nature.
There are projects to bring water to various parts in the City and all these areas will benefit he noted. Eng.Romanus Mwang’ingo said that WAPCOS a consulting company from India is currently assessing water pipes in those areas to make sure that they get water by adding booster stations and constructing huge water reservoirs.One of possible areas where a huge reservoir will be built is Salasala to improve water distribution in Goba Makongo Juu and Salasala he said.Each location will be confirmed with ongoing design reviews. He added that there is currently ongoing project to expand the Upper Ruvu treatment plant which is also expected to dramatically increase water services in Dar es Salaam.
The project which is being carried out by an Indian contractor VA TECH WABAG is expected to be completed in August 2015. Once completed water distribution will reach 196 million liters from the current 82 million liters. Last week the Deputy Minister of Water Mr. Amos Makalla visited various areas in Dar es Salaam to asses water services situation.