Existing sewerage system

About 10% of the population is served by sewers and the coverage is only limited to the areas mentioned below. The sewerage system of Dar es Salaam is a collection of small independent drainage areas rather than a fully integrated network. The system is based on separate systems with a combination of gravity and pumped flows, comprising approximately of 170 km of 100 to 1000 mm diameter pipes covering a total area of almost 1700 ha with adequate access manholes. These sewers discharge their effluent into oxidation ponds and directly into the Indian Ocean through a 1.01km sea outfall.

Sewage pumping stations

The existing sewerage systems served by 15 pump stations, 9 systems discharging into waste stabilization ponds and the remaining which serves the City Centre, Kariakoo, Upanga and Muhimbili, discharges directly into the Indian Ocean through a sea outfall.