Mtoni Water Supply system

The Mtoni Water Supply system is considered the oldest system commissioned in 1951 feeding southern and eastern part of Changombe, Kurasini, Mtoni, Tandika, Kigamboni and Mbagala. The system comprises the following:

– A water treatment plant with a capacity to treat 9,000 m3d

-A cast iron transmission main of length 1 km and DN 375 mm conveying raw water from the intake to the Mtoni plant, the main is in good condition. Hazen-Williams (H-W) friction coefficient (C-value) is assessed to be 100.

– Two transmission mains conveying treated water from the Mtoni plant directly to the distribution system, diametres varying from DN 150 – 375 mm. Pipe materials were CI, DI and PVC. The transmission mains have many off-takes along their route. C-value ranges from 90 to 100. The mains are in a satisfactory condition.

A tank of capacity 500 m3 at Mbagala is connected to the treated water main in order to serve Mbagala area.